What’s in your heart?

Life is precious. We all know this and yet, most of us live as if we are immortal. Our dreams and ambitions linger in the background of our busy minds, while all of our energy is spent taking care of the earthly matters. Car repairs, health concerns, kids’ activities.  It is no wonder that we sometimes feel so unfulfilled, disappointed, and disillusioned. Exhausted by life, a lot of us decide now is not the right time to pursue dreams and that maybe those dreams were just dreams after all. If you are on this page, you have not given up yet – you still have hope. You just don’t know how to get there from here.


My personal life experiences have proven to me that there is never a perfect time to pursue dreams and ambitions. Our basic needs and responsibilities will always be present, however, matters of our heart will always take priority in the end. Most of us can appreciate a first class airplane ticket to Hawaii, but if you had to choose between it and waking up in the morning feeling light like a feather, what would you choose?


Although our dreams and ambitions visit us as thoughts in our mind, they live in our heart. The only way to stop hearing them is to close your heart. When this happens, life becomes a series of monotonous daily tasks, dressed as hated jobs and miserable relationships. We feel trapped.


Sometimes we can get so deeply engrossed in this monotony that the only way to get us out of it is a personal crisis.  We’ve all experienced it – a scary health diagnosis, death in the family, loss of income, or all of the above. When a crisis happens, it forces us to take a deeper look at our life, and the only way to do this is to re-connect with our heart.


This is where things get complicated. We carry our deepest wounds in our hearts, and it is only logical that we do not want to be reminded of the pain they carry.  As a result, a lot of us shy away, out of fear. The paradox here is that recognizing and letting go of our deepest wounds offers the most helpful clues to uncovering a clear path to making our dreams a reality.


Re-connecting with our hearts is a challenging journey, not meant to be done alone. Your faith and support of those who share your passion for a joyous life are your best companions. Think of a bird that comes to a bird feeder day after day. Some days the bird feeder will be empty but the bird keeps coming back because it trusts, as well as relies on the support of its bird community.  


I don’t know what your journey to your heart will look like but am very excited for you. Feeling deeply connected with your heart and all the peace and joy it has to offer is a true gift. It is not an easier life since “easy life” is an oxymoron; instead, it is a blessed life, filled with inspiration, belonging, dignity, and deep faith. 

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