What’s Love Got To Do With It

I’m sure you’ve heard of the lyrics to this famous song. I know I have. To me, it’s not about the song. It’s about the title of the song and how it relates to so many people that I find myself coaching. It never fails that I hear someone tell me about their toxic relationship and all of the drama that has gone on, yet they still fight for the so called relationship and don’t put themselves first because they are “so in love” and cannot think of not being with the person. To put it to you bluntly, that is not a relationship! That is a dictatorship and why would anyone in their right mind be willing to endure the pain and hardships that this type of lifestyle brings?

If you know that you are holding on to some fantasy and need to release yourself from the drama, make the decision right now to say enough is enough. At this point, love has nothing to do with the grief and agony that you are feeling. You are just caught up in a whirlwind of denial. Redirect the phrase above and tell yourself that self-love has everything to do with your healing process and how you will turn your mess into your message! 

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