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Do you set the tone for the day? How do you prepare for a new week? How do you look at disappointment? Can you find the beauty in every situation? Your mindset is what shapes how you handle each day and approach different things. So how do you set the tone? In the morning do you take ten or thirty minutes in quietness meditating? Do you speak positive affirmations to yourself? Do you read daily devotionals? When a new week comes do you tell yourself you’re going to make the best of the week no matter what? What you tell yourself matters. We never know what will come our way. However, with the right mindset you can be a conqueror. Mindset goes deeper than how we can help ourselves. How can we be positive towards others? Are you willing to hold a door open? Can someone feel safe confiding in you? A positive mindset can affect us and those around us. Some days it may be more difficult have the “mind over matter” or “always positive or strong” outlook, and that’s okay. We are all human and we are not able to always be at 100%. We wont always wake up on the right side of the bed. We won’t always be able to see the beauty right away in a situation. And that is okay. But we must tell ourselves being positive, open minded, and helpful to others is what will make our days better. -Lori G. Clark

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