What’s on your mind?

If you had to make a choice, what would you say you would work on mentally? We all have different areas we can improve on, but where do you feel like you struggle the most?

         Would you be more mentally disciplined? For example: putting ten or twenty dollars away in your savings every week, watching how much you spend on credit cards, eating a salad instead of a burger and fries, or not yelling at that car for sitting a green light haha.

         Would you be less impulsive? For example: would you still calmy shut a door after a heated disagreement? Would you go from zero to ten just over a misunderstanding? Or (here’s my favorite) did you block them for peace or just to quickly one up them?

         Would you allow yourself to see more good than you see bad to get out of a slump? Can you still point out your blessings when it feels like all hope is lost?

         What about how you see yourself? Are you upset you don’t have the career you want, but don’t see how people look up to your current achievements? Are you the “single friend” watching your friends get married and feel like you’re a hopeless romantic?

These are a few starter questions and thoughts that can help us get better with our daily mental challenges, decisions, and personal views. It is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday. Take a moment to tell yourself what you’re willing to work on this week. Small daily changes eventually turn into good habits. Good habits turn into good character. -Lori G. Clark

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