What’s your blueprint?

When you first decided to get a house build, you go and meet with the builders. You first have a picture of what your dream house looks like to you. They then get out all the bells and whistles. Your vision is placed on paper. this is your blueprint. the builders now have something to go buy step by step.

What’s your blueprint? Often times we start our blueprint as young children, dreaming about what we want to be when we grow up. Doctors, Lawyers, Actors, Athletes. I wanted to be a Nurse. Went to school for it, but my focus was on something else in my third year.

That’s because my life was not mapped out , hence: blueprint. I wish someone would have really talked to me about my goals. because my purpose in my life was to help people. I didn’t now how or what was to come of it. I left home at a young age without a blueprint.

I was not encourage by my parents to go college. At that time is about what job to get after H.S. because that’s what they had to do so I thought the same way. My mother did get Doctorate Degree later in life because she wouldn’t give up or give in. I enrolled in school because I saw my friends doing it. But still I was lost about life. I didn’t know much because of being sheltered. So I was self taught if you will. After years of trial and era I finally wrote my blueprint. Remember life has a way of pushing you in ways you never thought of going. So map out your blueprint and follow it.




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