What’s Your Resolution?

“New year, new me!” – someone on some social media network


“New year, new me!” – someone on some social media network

“Resolution” isn’t a word too many people outside of the photography industry hear or use much after January 1st. So many of us hype ourselves up and tell ourselves that things will be different next year, and we have all of the enthusiasm in the world on the day off, but by mid-January, all of those lofty ideas become a pipe dream. Why? Because time is both a social construct and a finite resource. Meaning that our concept of time is warped, highly individualized, and vastly complex, but the one thing we all know for certain, deep down inside, is that we will eventually run out of it. This is why tying taking action to specific dates is so often futile. If you were disciplined and/or motivated right now, then it wouldn’t even occur to you to wait until January 1st to make a change. New Year’s Resolutions are so popular because so many of us are waiting for something other than ourselves to change. We want the energy or atmosphere around us to change. We are our circumstances to change. We want something, anything else to change first, and then spark that flame of change within us. Except that’s not how change works. Change always begins and ends with the self. So I’m asking today, Monday, April 12, 2021, what is your right now resolution?


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