When Life Pushes the Pause Button

As we travel on this life's journey, sometimes life will push the pause button. Whether we face an illness, family problems, a relationship break-up, or a career change. Life has a way of slowing us down or coming to a complete stop. However, it is in this interruption, that we gain a new perspective or a re-direction. So, what do you do or how do you handle it, when life pushes the pause button?

Most of us,¬† have goals and plans that we want to accomplish.¬† We create short-term goals, long-term goals, the one-year plan, the five-year plan and even the 10-20 year plan.¬† Oh yes, we have our life all figured out.¬† We develop the vision boards to help us embody the dream that we are working toward.¬† ¬†Then, without warning, life pushes the pause button, whether it’s an illness, a family issue, a parent’s sudden decline in health or both parents health declines.¬† Your journey to your destiny has come to a halt.¬† So, what do you do?¬† Do you get angry, bitter, or embrace the detour?¬† It has been my experience, that when life pushes the pause button,¬† it is a signal for me to slow down because I’m moving too fast, there is a lesson for me to learn, or something needs to be revealed.¬† ¬†Oftentimes, I resisted and was attempting to¬† keep moving forward,¬† to no avail.¬† I got stuck,¬† going absolutely, nowhere.¬† ¬† So, when I got tired of hitting the wall, I stopped and sought wise counsel.¬† ¬†Sometimes, we need a new perspective or a fresh pair of eyes to look at a situation.¬† ¬† Nevertheless, when life pushes the pause button, don’t fret.¬† ¬†Stop and seek wise counsel.¬† Enjoy the detour and look for the brighter side of the situation, or learn the lesson.¬† ¬†

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