When More Isn’t Enough

We go through life chasing after frivolous things to try to lift our spirits. Unfortunately, the more we obtain, the more things stay the same. Our minds are programed to gravitate to that which will temporarily give us joy and peace, only to find ourselves in deeper agony. The more we hurt, the more we mask the issues. We tell ourselves that everything will work itself out and that we are more concerned with being happy in the moment than being whole for the long haul.

It’s safe to say that most people will continue to “chase after the wind” only to come up as empty as they were prior to obtaining their “feel good” item. It seems as if society gives us a pass to travel down the highway only to come to a dead end in the road. We know that the dead end will soon appear, but that doesn’t stop us.

Many of us know what the solution is that will put an end to this type of lifestyle; however, we have become too comfortable to change. The solution is to make a decision to turn from the things that are hurting you and keeping you from your best. It’s also helpful to stop thinking that society knows what’s best for you and that you must buy this or participate in that in order to have a life filled with entertainment and thrills . Know that It’s never too late to stop chasing after stuff and begin pursuing a lifestyle filled with meaning and love. The choice is yours. Choose wisely!

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