When The Thrill Is Gone

This message can be tied to life, relationships, and business. We are all motivated by things that bring excitement whether it’s traveling, being in a new relationship, or loving our careers or businesses. It’s okay to thrive off of the thrills and highs of life. This is what makes life worthwhile and gives us purpose.

But what happens when the thrill goes away and we can’t find meaning to keep going forward? That’s when we have to truly dig deep and discover why we began doing something in the first place. The word why is the foundation to everything. It allows us to continue when we feel as if continuing would be pointless. Lessons are learned when we say that it’s no point of continuing. Use the lows as building blocks to climb to higher heights.

This lesson hits home because it’s easy for me to ride the wave of excitement and become disappointed when the thrill wears off. I have to remind myself that the lack of excitment does not give me permission to give up and give in. Like myself, we all must take time and evaluate the lows and dullness of life because it can help us to continue when nothing seems worth fighting for.

Reflection: Are you experiencing a low point in life and feel as if the thrill is gone? Name it and do something right now that will jump start your journey again.

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