When you start to feel Anxious!


There are many of us who suffer from ANXIETY and often times when anxiety strikes, it creates this “out-of-body” experience in which makes it extremely difficult for us to snap out of it….

Here are some ways in which will help calm you down when the anxiety starts to creep up on you.

There is one in particular that I would like for you to turn your attention towards….which is the “stay present” option.

This option simply suggests you to come back to reality and by using your 5 senses.

Here are the five simple steps when anxiety strikes:

Name 5 different things that you can see (and it helps to say it out loud)
Name 4 things that you can touch
Name 3 things that you can hear
Name 2 things you can smell
Name 1 thing you can taste

Try it out and let me know how this works out for you! I would absolutely love to hear from you!

Be blessed and less stressed.

Remember….Change your Thoughts, Change your Life, Change your WORLD

-I love you💕


Virtuous Divinity Life Coaching 💖

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