Where Do You Go From Here?

Self-awareness is a never-ending journey. Enjoy it.


Self-awareness is a never-ending journey. Enjoy it.

For many people, the hardest part of a meditation journey is beginning one. When meditation was first suggested to me, I wasn’t a fan of the idea. If I’m honest, I was a bit frightened by the idea. We live in a world that encourages clear and consistent communication with those that we care about: family, friends, and our respective god(s). But never with ourselves. Even with popular music that encourages you to “listen to your heart,” many of us are never actually alone and undistracted long enough to actually listen to anything that our minds and bodies are telling us. And when that happens long enough, we get to a place where (because we’ve put off the conversation so long) we’re afraid to be left alone with our thoughts.

It’s time to stop running, sit down, and finally have this conversation. You are the one person that you can never leave, walk away from, or walk out on. Whatever issues you’re dealing with will most likely not evaporate just because they’re being ignored. Meditation can be scary; you might experience thoughts and emotions that you’ve been subconsciously holding back for a long time. But those feelings will remain inside, subconsciously directing your other thoughts and actions, until they are dealt with. Confronting yourself, and becoming your own safe space, is the most powerful gift that anyone can gift themselves.

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