Where’s My Ride


Many are without transportation. Some use public transportation while others call upon family or friends when they need to get somewhere. I have personally been used to transport individuals, some were respectful of my time while others made it hard for me to help them a second time. If you are someone who needs a ride consider these organizational tools. It is unfair to assume anyone has an entire day to devote to your errands. Most of the time, time off is time dedicated to other things, so if a person carving out time for you it is important to honor that.  If you are the person providing the transportation, make everything clear prior to committing. 
1. Call in advance asking for availability. Do not assume the person has nothing else to do because they are a homebody. 
2. Communicate where you need to go. If there is more than one stop you need to make, prioritize them.  If you have to go to an appointment make sure they are aware of the time and if you need to stop at the pharmacy afterwards. 
3. Be ready ahead of time. Never should anyone wait on you when they are offering you a ride. Unless you are at a doctors appointment. If there is no scheduled appointment and you were told to be ready for 10am, be ready for 9am. 
4. Unexpected things come up at work. There are times we have to stay over an hour later. If this is the case contact your transportation to let them know.  Telling someone you get off at 10:30pm, yet you show up at the care around 12:00am is inappropriate.
5. Express appreciation. This expression can come in the form of: a meal, gas money, or a thank you. If you do not have money use your gift to show appreciation. It is not nice to tell a person your cousin charges you for rides and you fail to appreciate them in some way.  Time is precious and it takes money to take you around town. Do not expect hand outs. 
6. Lets talk children. So you need a ride and you have children what do you do? In some cases, your children will have to come with. If that is the case please make sure they are orderly and not destroying property. If they are destructive at home and you can not control them considering finding a sitter while you are running errands. Do not bring them and allow they to damage anything in the persons vehicle. 
Just because a person works from home does not mean they are free to take you where you need to go when you need. They are still on someone job, and a protocol still has to be followed. That is not their free time to joy ride, so be respectful that telecommuters are obligated to do a job the same as if they were entering a building clocking in daily. 
Be on time
Be considerate
Be appreciative
Be understanding
Never make anyone feel guilty for what they can’t do for you
LaToya Nicole

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