Where’s your confidence?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word confidence? Is it a thought about someone else you know and look up to because of how they ease through life? Or do you see yourself happy and ready to embrace new levels in life? Whatever it is, it all begins with perception and a thought. Digging deeper into the word “confidence”….are you confident? If not, why? What is hurting your confidence? What can you do to help build your confidence? The first thing to do is relax. Don’t be hard on yourself. Let’s say you’re not confident about your work performance. Instead of telling yourself the way you perform isn’t making an impact. Look at the good qualities you have and embrace them. Tell yourself you are a valuable employee. You come to work on time, you never call out, and you’re respectful to everyone. Those are things you can be very proud of! If you go into work and continue to be diligent with this mindset, you will notice a positive change. Your confidence will shine through you, and you will naturally get better at performing. Amazing how that works right? Building confidence is understanding you have an area you want to improve. That doesn’t mean that particular area makes you bad all around. There’s a long list of things that can make you struggle with confidence. Your mindset and perception when you decide to build confidence in those areas is the key! -Lori G. Clark

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