Who Are You Really?

Forget what people say and focus on what THE source says. You are so much bigger than the box people will try to put you in.

You know, if you listen to people when they start speaking negatively about you then you’ll be all messed up! Sitting around trying to figure out if what they said is true, getting down and discouraged, and losing precious brain cells worrying. NOPE! Do NOT listen to those foolish people (well, unless it’s constructive criticism of course). There is so much more to you than what people think and say about you. You have to focus on what GOD has to say about you.

According to John 1:12 you are the child of God and that essentially makes you royalty! Romans 3:24 says that you are justified and redeemed in Christ! 1 Corinthians 6:19 says that your body is a temple…whew, a temple is not only sacred but beautiful! 

Listen, who knows you better than your creator? Will you listen to them or listen to HIM? You are a new and beautiful servant of the Highest, so embrace that and WALK LIKE IT!

Who are you really? You’re WORTHY.

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