Who are you, when no one is looking?

"Release the lies. Receive the lion." J.L.

    The misconception we often have is, once we say, “I have faith,” our faith will fix, what is broken. Friend, faith requires what is broken, to be penetrated by what you do with what you can see, when no one else can. Like what, you ask? The dark moments, the sleepless nights, the agonizing cries, the painful memories. That is your closet of mirrors. That is your closet of opportunity. That is your journey to having faith, in what you can’t see, by preparing in the season with what’s right in front of you. Your pain. Your most authentic you, when no one is looking is all you need to see, It’s all you need in order to acclimatize and to formulate a brew of battle cries, to war against the lies. You are not shameful because you believe, you are victorious how? Because your boldness alone, will bring shame to your unbelief! You are not alone in this battle, you are surrounded by the roar, of the King of Kings; who gave you breath and the authority that you already posses to unlock your freedom.

    You are victorious, you cant break, you wont bend! You are victorious, you are still standing. Release the lies and receive the lion. You have the nature of your creator, you have the wisdom of your creator, you have the innovation of your creator; losing is nonexistent to your spiritual DNA. Failure is nonexistent to your lionic spiritual make-up. You have access to the lionic nature of whose you are. It’s time to receive it! It’s time to believe it. Its time to walk in your roar. Move in your roar. Believe in your roar. You ARE who God says you ARE.  You will not fall! Release the lies and Receive the Lion. Your Father in heaven will effortlessly, take care of all you cant see. Believe again. Breath again. Release the lies and Receive the Lion. Your faith, will follow your roar. Let’s “roooar” together. 

 Talk soon,

– Jalisa Lucas

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