Who or What Are You Giving Your Power To?

Your mind is a trove of wonders. If jewelry stores and banks have excellent security systems, you owe it to yourself to stand as security for your precious troves: your mind, body, soul and spirit.

It happens like this:


One day, you wake up, feeling happy-go-lucky, with Mister Blue Bird on your shoulder. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah. Smiling so wide the sun shines green with envy. Then you bump into someone: a co-worker, a supervisor, a relative, a friend, or a stranger, and they do or say something that oh you can feel their bricksack! It’s either the long face, tone of voice, or even their energy.

This becomes a turning point for you. Mister Blue Bird skedaddles, and you forget why you woke up so happy. Instead, you allow Mr. or Mrs. Grumplerudeskin to infect and eclipse your shine. And often what happens is that they just want to complain about something or someone. Then, after their rudeness has trampled on your roses, they return all smiles and laughing because turns out it wasn’t such a big deal what they were complaining about.

Oh, no. They just used you as their emotional dumpster. 


They go off while you sit there not nearly as happy as you were while they’re whistling away into the sunset? Is that fair? No, it isn’t.

But you have not lost the power. 

The power lies within you to give it to whomever or whatever you please. So, who are you giving your power to? Often, all it takes is a mindset shift. When we begin to feel sad or depressed, it is a sign from our body saying: “Stop hurting yourself!” and I liken it to what happens when we insert foreign objects into our bodies and how they miraculously weave scar tissue to protect us. 

The sad, anxious, or depressed feeling is our wonderful body saying: Stop mutilating yourself! 

Giving power to others is a huge disservice to you, because no one should or deserves to have power over you. We take back the power by choice. You have to choose. Make the decision that you will not care what these folks say or think. Make the decision to surround yourself with positive energies and positive people. Make the decision to affirm yourself and stand your ground. Make the decision to say, I am a wonderful person. I am loved. I am hopeful. I am important. 

And the naysayers can naysay until they are blue in the face and until the cows come jumping over the moon. The point is when you stand at the crossroads where someone is spoiling your day. Cut them off. Even if it is a family member. Cut them off. You owe a duty to yourself to protect and stand guard at your mind, at your heart every single day. Think of this: if jewelry stores and banks have excellent security systems, you owe yourself to stand as security and protection for your precious troves; your spirit, your soul, your body and your mind.  

The next time a Grumplerudeskin tries to hack up your morning with their long face or harsh words, remind yourself you have all the power, and that you don’t owe them anything and kindly distance yourself from that conversation. Steer them away from the topic but if you can’t or don’t want to do that, just walk away from it altogether. You have only so many hours in one day to attack your dreams, your goals, your vision to allow someone to poke holes in your kind and joyful disposition. And I will remind you that the likelihood that you may allow this to happen depends on how you begin to align your spirit every morning. So, command your day. Speak powerful affirmations over yourself. Say those breakthrough prayers, and take control of your inner self so that what goes around you does not phase you. It all depends on you. The power over your life is yours, the authority is yours, the dominion is yours. 

Do not allow the enemy to steal your precious troves.

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