Who’s In Your Circle

Name the 3 most influential people in your life. Are they toxic, draining, and negative or positive, inspirational, and motivating? Your answer will tell you whether you need to move away from these people and not allow them to be of influence or grow closer to them and allow them to help you grow. We are all shaped by people who we communicate with on a daily basis or who we allow to live rent free in our minds. The question is whether you will decide today if you will continue to allow people who don’t respect and cherish you to continue to have so much power over you.

As your life coach, I can’t make you decide, but I can guide you in the right direction. I can expose the people in your life that are only there to bring you down and keep you in a state of misery. Once you have been enlightened on the people who’s in your circle that has your best interest in mind and the people who don’t, then you must quickly promote, demote, or terminate. The choice is yours – choose wisely!

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