Why a New Chapter, New me?

Well, some may argue with that because the truth is that WE ARE ENOUGH just as we are. BUT even when we know it, at the point of feeling confident and reassured within ourselves; isn’t there a part of us that is wanting to keep expanding in the knowing that there is more of us to be expressed?

We all are learning and growing every day, and RELATIONSHIPS help us to do so. We all have been raised, educated, and influenced by other people and society at large. We all know we have picked up limiting beliefs along the way, so many of them; and we’ve arrived at many different conclusions about ourselves, and in most cases, we aren’t consciously aware of all of them.

So, what is this all about?

I think it is NOT about changing who we are but realizing who we truly are instead; and consciously coming back to it. It’s about being clear of who we are NOT while examining the way we’ve seen ourselves mostly through the perception of others, and the beliefs we hold about ourselves.

So, it’s about improving, growing, and getting closer to unlocking the authentic self within us that we know should be expressed to the fullest.


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