Why Affirmations?

Affirmations act as a layer of protection for the inner self against external stressors. Consider them like bubble wrap or packing peanuts used to keep packages safe as they make their way in the world. No protection, or no affirmations in this case, means you get banged up and bumped around. As such, the most vulnerable parts of ourselves (i.e. our minds and hearts) must be protected. Affirmations are simple statements that focus on a desired reality. For example, if a sense of vitality is what I want to make manifest, I would use an affirming statement such as, “I am healthy and radiant.”

 What exactly are affirmations? They:

v  Orient your mind towards positivity

v  Are about saying, “Yes,” to life

v  Help improve the relationship with yourself by becoming more empowered

v  Help you attract the reality you want

v  Energize and replenish the spirit

Learn more at www.simplyaffirm.com

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