Why Coach?

My life and experiences inspired me to become a life coach.  What I’ve lived is not just for me, but to share and motivate others.  Daily, I use my God-given gifts to pour into others.  I am someone who thrives on encouraging, inspiring, and guiding others through their seasons of singleness, writing, and experiences.  As someone who’s experienced the single season and waiting, writing my first novel and devotional, and needing guidance and encouragement myself, I am here to help you through this time period.

Everyone needs someone along life’s journey to listen, guide, and inspire them.  Don’t go at the journey alone; know that direction and inspiration begin with the first session.  One conversation can speak volumes.  It can ignite action to change and to grow. 

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” –Leo Tolstoy

~Coach Lisi

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