Why do we ask for something and then want to give it back?

Why do we ask for something and then want to give it back?

 I want a new car.

I want a new job.

I want a man.

I want a woman.

I want a house.

I want some kids.

At some point in our lives we are asking for something. We feel as if that thing or person we are asking for will some how fix us or make our lives better.  The list continues to get longer and we keep adding our wants. I want  a husband. I  want wife.  I want to live in California. I want short hair.

Well. You finally get what you have been asking for. You got the man. Everything thing is great during the honeymoon stage. Then one day you realize the honeymoon is over because he didn’t call when he said he was. So you get into an argument. Now you are giving each other the silent treatment. Or what about that child you prayed for. God please bless me with a child. You get pregnant and have the child. Nine months later you have the child and you are the happiest person on earth. Fifteen years later this beautiful child is now a teenager. You are yelling and screaming daily about their attitude and grades. You want to send your child back to where they came from.

Have you ever walked in these shoes? Can we tell the truth? Anybody?

I am here to help. I have the answers to why we ask and want to give everything back so quickly. 

We are just in the moment. Our feelings and emotions change like the weather.  We haven’t evaluated our lives. We haven’t prepared ourselves. We have not made a pros and cons list. We haven’t prayed. We haven’t talked to friends and family. We haven’t done any research or read a book on what ever it is we say we want. 

We just say we want a new hair cut or  new job and we go for it. When the situation doesn’t pan out the way we feel it should then we are angry with God, the boyfriend, and the child. 

I have good news. We don’t have to be angry with anyone. We need to think about what we are wanting and then do the preliminary work to have what we want.

Before wanting a relationship. Work on yourself and make sure you have the tolerance and patience for the relationship.

Talk to other mothers and fathers about raising a child. Understand the time and commitment needed. Especially when you want children. Children are life time commitments. 

If you want to buy a new car. Look at your budget.  Do some serious research on reliability and brand reputation.

If we take time to evaluate what it is we say we want it can help us become more aware of the what we truly want. We may discover we don’t want what we thought we wanted or that it is not the right time. 

Today make a commitment that you will think about what it is that you are asking for. Evaluate your life to make sure you are ready and fully prepared emotionally and mentally. 


Coach Tee

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