Why God Why?

After watching one of Tony Gaskins videos, I went back and rewatched it at least 9 more times. I realized I had  been played in most of my relationships.Stuck on the nonsense factor of Chemistry as being the glue to my relationships, I was tangled up in a web of lies. I was in my car driving. I just screamed out! Why God? Why? 

Why was I not entitled to a man who could love and honor me?

Why did you let me pick wrong?

Why didn’t I get the opportunity to have a remarriage and have a second set of children?

Why did I have to lose so much? Even love? 

After having my moment, I kept driving, waiting to hear the answer. I never got one. So this is how I will come to grips with not having the answer.
God I still know that you are in control. I will put you first in my life . I will cherish myself. I will honor myself. I will trust my intuition. I will respect myself. I will do the work to heal. I will take care of my body. I will take care of my health. I will set boundaries. I will feed my mind positivity. I will learn who I am. I will present myself as a mature woman. I will work on my legacy.I will work on my Mercari store. I will mentor future nurses and grads. I will coach other women who need healing. 
In other words, I’m not staying stuck in my past anymore. I loved and I lost. That makes me an expert in what not to do. Allow me to use my mess to bless! ❤️

Written by Coach Sophie Wells 05/08/2020

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