“We all are some reflection of the “rose that grew through concrete”… BeYout!ful yet broken”! With God All Things Are Possible🙏🏽💯

When you allowed yourself to be succumb by fear, desperation, and loneliness! To become intoxicated with the idea of a person’s presence, affection, and attention! Guilty, an accomplish in your own emotional and spiritual demise. He was a charmer, for which she had not known. Seduced by your lust, then unconsciously compromised your worth. 

She unknowingly gave up agency of her righteous mind! Many of us are weak, lost, and broken individuals. In retrospect, we truly have to do the work of self love to become the epitome of said love! We will never truly become healed, whole and confident in God, who we were created of, if we do not heal first.

Everyone of us, know right from wrong. We must organically take close inventory of the state of our hearts, investigate the true motives behind the choices we sometimes make. Whether a married man, justifies his actions to “step outside of his marriage” out of complacency, revenge for disrespect and/or disappointment! Or the proclaimed naïveté of the so called righteous, desperately lonely and exhausted hopeless romantic that tells his or herself they didn’t see it coming! We all know and understand that if you flirt with desire, you most certainly will be overtaken by the entanglement of lust in your heart. She asks God.. why have I found myself meshed in situation-ships after ship wrecks time and time again? It’s simple, yet so psychologically complex! She was not whole! He has not tapped in yet! Fulfillment couldn’t find him or her! She was deniably selfish, wanting what her flesh craves!

Had his attitude about being loved by a woman become unconsciously cynical? Had they been listening to the resentful thoughts of their dejected hearts. Did they honestly compromise and blurred the lines of friendship, perhaps! Vulnerability can prove to be a tantalizing invisibly dangerous recipe! We can not cheat the ingredients of humanness.
I’ve always believed that.. “what’s done in the dark will always come to the light”!
“The truth will one day surely run out of the house butt naked, and up the street for everyone to see”! So be mindful, because life will be always be a lesson that can show up in the form of you bumping into your true self, and the painful reality of you! Living within the mirage of caring, loving, and nurturing people! But.. what are the unadulterated, subliminal true motives within the seeds we sow? Can you truly be honest with yourself? Are you willing to search deep within and expose the authentic motivations as to why we show up the way we do? Could it be unbeknownst to you? Perhaps, you desire validation, or you have an insatiable longing to be revered, an undeniable need for internal self glorification! Are there some hidden compartmental childhood trauma, camouflaged in the recesses of your heart and mind?

Thou art not loosed. Is your soul tucked away so nicely behind that dynamic, magnetic, courageous spirit everyone is so drawn to? What does the self reflective mirror of conviction say back to you in hindsight? Mustn’t you have a renewed heart(mind)! Do you really want to be different, better, or do you let your flesh have its way? Then you shallowly repent, but change not! 


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