Why I become a Confidence Life Coach

“Be the woman you needed as a girl.” 

As a teen, I would categorize myself as a “good teen.”
I made good grades . I was very responsible and respectful.
But in the inside, I was fighting a secret battle. I was not confident at all.

A Family Woman

One of my biggest obstacles as a growing teen was understanding the importance of family and realizing that no one’s family is perfect. Around the age of 9, I became a big sister to 3 beautiful young ladies. I was happy to have siblings but the change definitely came with adjustments. During that season, my mom continued to give us all the sugar, spice and everything nice that we needed through all of her tiredness. However being a teen, I often felt “left behind,” because my younger siblings needed more time and attention. As a teen girl, I needed someone to help me see the blessings in my new family dynamic and help me to build my confidence as my mom’s oldest child and as a big sister to my siblings.

A Confident Woman

From the age of 10, I was a tall, thin girl. I remember being taller than all the boys in my class as well as not having as much body development as my girl classmates. As I moved to middle school, I would sit back and watch everyone “date” and get attention from the opposite sex. When I got to high school, I told myself, “this is a new beginning.” I thought I would feel more confident if I wore things that fit a bit tighter or were a bit shorter. I thought if I could gain a few pounds I would be more attractive. As a teen girl, I needed someone to help me focus more on grooming, exercising and dressing nicely in order to build confidence in my own unique style and appearance.

A Black Woman

As an African American teen, I didn’t see many successful black women in my community. Growing up I never heard the stories of black women going to college or starting a business and becoming successful. The most I saw was pregnancy, drama and hearing about living paycheck to paycheck. Thankfully, my mom was one to always encourage stepping out the box, pursuing education and managing money. But I struggled to juggle the labels of society, not being good enough as a black girl. As I navigated to a predominantly white college and into corporate America, I realized as a teen I needed a black woman to share her stories of overcoming societies labels and build my confidence as a black woman.

A Godly Woman

Through my entire life, I can honestly say that God has had his hand on me. Through my mom and grandmother’s prayers, I was able to be the woman I am today. God is my strength, peace and comfort. As a teen I needed someone to help me build my faith in God and understand who I am in Christ. 

I became a confidence life coach to be the woman I needed as a girl. I am a confident, African American, family-oriented woman of faith that helps teens navigate life’s obstacles and be the royalty they were created to be.

– Breanna Gallion

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