Why is a Self-Care Journey Needed and My Experience?

One of the first steps into your self-care journey is “shadow work.” Shadow work is a practice of healing and slow-growth, which means that it requires surrender and acceptance. You will have to face your inner darkness. Shadow work is an extremely healthy journey. You will need to swim to the depths of your darkest to find what you need to hear. However, the longer you stay in that darkness the easier it becomes to lose sight of the light inside you. Work with your darkness, but do not let it swallow your light.

Self-care is needed to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, as it produces positive feelings, confidence and boosts your self-esteem. Self-care reminds you and others that YOU are important. Self-care is not about your mental health. It is about caring for your physical self by eating healthy, getting a good night’s rest, caring about your hygiene, and exercising regularly. If you are ready to jump on the self-care bandwagon here are ten small self-care habits that are easy to get into:

  1. Go for a walk or a light jog.
  2. Take deeps breaths or even meditate.
  3. Take a break whenever you need it.
  4. Choose wisely on who you want to have around you.
  5. Laugh heartily.
  6. Eat healthy daily.
  7. Avoid emotional eating.
  8. Start a journal.
  9. Learn to say ‘No.’
  10. Stop overthinking everything.

My experience with my self-care journey. After the first step, which was shadow work I could honestly say that I became more content with myself and happier with who I became as a woman. I appreciate myself more, I took the time to love myself, and worked at becoming a better person than I was before. Honestly, if I did not take the time to go on that self-care journey I would not have seen the reflection of my life that needed change.

I was giving everyone but myself the love I needed. If it were not for this self-care journey I would not be in this peaceful mindset that I am in now. I seen that I was not living for me but living to make others happy. I realized that I was not happy with myself. My self-confidence was low and I did not know what my future entailed. When I took the time to sit with my own thoughts, I knew I deserved better not only physically, but emotionally, and mentally. I decided to take the journey of self-care and that was the best decision that I made for myself. I appreciate the woman that I became. I am not done with this journey and never will be done choosing and LOVING ME.

If you are wanting to start a self-care journey do not put it off until tomorrow or next year. START NOW! It will not take long before you begin to see your Legacy. 

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