Why some people believe being a “Bad B!t$h” is important?

In today’s society being a “Bad B!t$h” is the number one goal for most young adults. Men admire them and women do everything possible to become one. A “Bad B!t$h” has became so popular after the music video industry expanded. Becoming a video vixen is popular because women are put on a pedestal as the Baddest. Before music videos were a “thing” woman were insulted to be called the “B” word. As times changed women use the term more loosely and in many different ways. For instance, “Hey B…, or B!t$hhhh!!!!, or B!t$h please!” these phrases have been developed over time and are not degrading in any way. It is a normal slang vocabulary.

The problems that has evolved from the term “Bad B!t$h”  may eventually cause a society to never grow fully. There are many young girls admiring the term and they think it will lead them to a successful lifestyle. Although some women have proven it has, there are still many things that happen behind closed doors that young girls or women may not see. We only see what is displayed on social media. Social media is a huge influence on todays society. People are spending countless hours on it which is influencing our youth. The influence has expanded so much that women in corporate believe in having a double life. For instant, a nurse. There are a select few of “Instagram models” who wear their shrubs during the day and then model on Instagram on their down time. Some women go as far as getting their bodies done, so they can show it off and possibly start a modeling career on Instagram. The entire thought process is becoming insane. The aspects of a women are changing for the worst. How did society brainwash so many women to believe that being a “Bad B!t$h” is the way to success?

Let’s go a little deeper. The google definition of a B!t$ch is:

1. A female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.

2. INFORMAL: a difficult or unpleasant situation or thing.

What I have seen in my life is people using female dogs as a pet. Owners often use female dogs to mate with a random male dog to produce a litter of puppies. Once she has the puppies the puppies are sold, and the male dog probably never seen again or waiting for her to become fertile again, to do it over again. When you compare it to most “Bad B!t$h’s” they are not wives. They are baby mothers to a guy. There may be a few exceptions to the rule, but majority are long term, dysfunctional relationships.

When you believe you are a “Bad B!t$h” understand how you are labeling yourself. “A very pretty curvy dog.” And that’s exactly what men are going to do. “Dog you out.” You become a target for male dogs. Male dogs come to devour and defeat. Most women eventually want to become a wife. Or they become depressed and insecure because of so many years of heartache and pain. They become confused to why a man is not loving them. They become stuck in a time where their growth comes to a stop. They become the outlet for a man to produce their litter. This is not how society should be. It is causing a life of pain and heartache. Someone has started a trend that needs to end. Women are not dogs. And glorifying the term “Bad B!t$h” is a society set up to be ruined and destroyed slowly but surely. 

 Our subconscious minds are being fed a lot of garbage. We recently added some new terms like “WAP” or “Savage.” We are becoming misguided with very little leaders to lead the youth. Don’t be a victim of a “Bad B!t$h.” 

Become greater and trust the process. Life is better on the other side!

I write from a place of love. Although this truth may hurt, this truth will heal! Heal the old, young and new!

All Love,

Coach Amelia Adair


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