Why is Co-parenting Worth It?

Co-parenting is more the normal now.  So let’s place some value on it.  Co-parenting is not about a failed relationship.  It is not about how to get back at your “ex.”  Co-parenting is not about you.  Co-parenting is giving your child(ren) the best case scenario in a not so best case situation.  That is the value!  Selfishness devalues the importance of co-parenting.  Facts children benefit greater from having interaction with both of their parents vices just one.  The impact is significant in the areas of intellegence (academic), social (relationships with others), and emotional (especially confidence).  That is the value of Co-parenting.  Giving up on not being able to work with your “ex” devalues the importance of co-parenting.  It is not about your biological child(ren) missing up your new situation.  Let’s figure it out.  Let’sTalk…

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