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What is sustainability and why it is important?

Sustainable Fashion may seem like a new concept to you, but it’s a common term that has been revolving around the fashion industry for over the years. There are big fashion brands- Everlane, Encircled, Patagonia, and Kotn that have adopted sustainable ways of manufacturing items of clothing to ensure that the rate at which humans consume resources can later be renewed for the future generation to come.

Read on as we are going to delve deeper into what’s sustainability, what does sustainability mean in the fashion industry and why it’s important.


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What’s Sustainability?

Sustainability refers to the utilization of natural resources in an effective yet balanced way so that it can be used in the long-run. If any development is sustainable, it means that it’s going to continue growing without running out in the future. Sustainability can be categorized into 4 types, each plays an important key role in society, and are linked with the fashion world.

1) Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability refers to the eco-friendly practices that promote economic development to meet the needs of society in a way that can be sustained for future generations. It’s our responsibility to consume resources in an optimal manner so that the benefits can be achieved in the long run without having negative consequences on the socio-economical aspect of society.

2) Social Sustainability

It’s another important pillar that defines the norm of living in a society. A civilization which isn’t governed by proper rules or foundation is bound to fail. Therefore, for a community to prosper, there should be a rational and well-defined societal order that treats everyone justly and equally. The same order should also be followed in the near future.

3) Environment Sustainability

We make wide use of fossil fuels – oil, coal, and natural gas in our everyday lives be it industries, households, and companies to manufacture consumer goods that can meet the demands of the society, hence improving our lifestyle. Undoubtedly, nature has blessed us in ways we couldn’t even imagine. However, as humans, we’ve failed to conserve the resources and consequently, there is an increase in environmental pollution, depletion, and scarcity of primary resources. To make our environment sustainable, it’s important to switch to renewable resources that will sustain our natural sources for a better future.

4) Human Sustainability

Just as the above 3 pillars of Sustainability are significant, similarly it’s important to sustain human life. Economic, social and Environment development, all contribute to human sustainability. There should be a proper environment to reside with basic necessities included such as food and clothing to protect human life.

What’s Sustainable Fashion?

There are several definitions pertaining to Sustainable fashion. However, the most commonly known definition is that articles of clothing and accessories that are manufactured using sustainable practices, keeping in mind the social, economic and environmental factors. The sustainability isn’t only just limited to the final product but the concept applies to the manufacturing cycle, raw material production, storage, and transportation involved.


Speaking in terms of environmental sustainability, resources that are used to produce consumer goods for the fashion industry should be carefully handled and effectively utilized without exploiting it to the point that we eventually run out of it. Fashion industries make use of chemical dyes and water to produce clothes. Therefore, it’s better to switch to organic renewable sources for the manufacturing process. Not just that, the product as well the components should be reused and recycled rather than discarding otherwise it would result in wastage.


From a social point of view, the workforce behind the establishment of the brand should be given a healthy and safe environment to work in the industries while adhering to the laws of conduct observed internationally. If the steps of sustainability are followed everywhere, it will produce an ever-lasting benefit for the upcoming generation without posing any warning.

  The concept of sustainability isn’t only meant for the fashion and jewelry brands, but we as consumers are equally responsible for promoting sustainable growth of living. According to a documentary known by the name of True Cost, an American on average throws about 82 pounds of clothing, accessories, and garment every year. Undeniably, it’s in our human nature that we tend to buy more clothes than we need. What we need is to change our attitude and culminate the hunger for clothes because believe it or not, it’s going to make a huge difference. On the other hand, for the fashion and jewelry industries, they should follow a sustainable approach as this could greatly conserve the natural resources. If this doesn’t stop, we’ll soon experience a major downfall of the society that could jeopardize the future.


Change can come within ourselves to take charge of your life before it’s too late and join hands with us to promote a safe and sustainable environment for the betterment of the future. 






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