Why Taking Social Media Breaks are Important in your Everyday Life

Today, we are spending too much time at home during this pandemic and it is making us feel lowkey insane, and where is the first place we go to? OUR PHONES for social media, the number one place we have all our fun, but it is time to take a mental break.

Taking social media breaks are important in our everyday lives. It is healthy for our mental and social psyche. Spending too much time scrolling through a long feed of multiple posts can increase feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Social media breaks can also help your relationship with families, spouses, and especially yourself. Taking a break can help you get more intune with yourself; read a book, create new hobbies of interest you never imagined being good at, maybe meet up with a friend or an old acquaintance, better yet treat yourself. 

A social media break or “digital detox” can help you become more present, awaken your senses to life and help you reconnect with those around you. Taking a day to focus on your family and/or your self is a great way to enjoy a day free of social media. Doing something productive with your time can give you intimacy, renewed headspace, and  energy.

As a person who was hooked on social media, it was hard to detach myself from my phone and everything that came along with it. At first, it was not so bad to be on my phone because nothing fun or exciting was really going on around me. Until I found that I was using my phone as a social detachment from the world.  Futher down the road, it became harder for me to have a simple conversation with someone without having anxiety or feeling nervous. That’s when I knew I needed a “digital detox.” Now I really enjoy myself! I learned and taught myself more things and am grateful for every bit of it.

I am not on my phone scrolling down social media for 65% of the day. I’m able to do the things I love to do and am grateful for this new found piece of mind.

Things to do on a “digital detox”:

  •          Read a book
  •         Watch your favorite tv show/movie
  •         Play a board game with family or friends
  •         Learn a new hobby/skill
  •         Go hiking
  •        Take a self-guided tour around your town or city
  •         Go for a walk
  •         Learn how to cook or bake a new meal
  •         Set goals for yourself
  •         Declutter your house

Use this time to find out how to enjoy the world without being distracted by the social media that so many use to carry them throughout the day. Please, step away from the computer, phone, tablet, etc. ENJOY YOU!


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