Why you need a workout plan/ Coach

I used to workout when I was younger at least 3 times a week. Girl it kept this tummy flat and everything! As I got older, I focused so much on relationships and once I got into one, I felt too comfy, too soon. Eventually I stopped doing the one thing I loved to do for me, working out. I had let myself go. 

Approximately 2 years ago, I got diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my right knee. The chronic pain kept me from walking or working out. I kept gaining weight. The more weight I gained, the more my knees hurt. I was literally a walking time bomb. I didn’t expect to live more than 5 to 7 years. 

One day last year, I looked at myself in the mirror. I said girl, this weight is out of control. You are out of control. I did not like what I saw, I had had enough!

That aha moment in the mirror was my turning point. As soon as I made that decision, the universe put a trainer/ Coach in my path. That man changed my life. Forever. He gave me a reason to get back to living. Again. The chronic pain left. I could sleep at night. Again. I learned the power of discipline. My focus revamped. I started to see results. 

In 30 days, I lost 30 pounds. In 42 days, I lost 40 lbs. By month 4 I had lost 65 lbs! My ultimate goal is to have lost over 100 pounds by December 2020. It’s just another little goal. It’s something as a single I can be very proud of.  Setting fitness goals and achieving them. 

About 2 months ago, I fell at home and obtained a T sprain injury. It is a thigh muscle. This large muscle had me in pain again. The outcome was different because after 7 weeks of physical therapy,  I am back to my regular  workouts. I believe that had I not been exercising regularly, I could have had a fracture. 

I truly understand the importance of being able to bounce back. My trainer had already given me tools to strengthen my body. Adjusting my workout plan allowed me to heal faster. That’s my opinion. My physical therapist told me, they can always tell who works out. Those clients usually see  faster results. 

My investment in the gym is paying off with a better, healthier, stronger body, weight loss and getting back to life! 


Written by Sophie Wells June 10, 2020

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