Why you should talk to somebody while all of this is going on in the world!

Mental health in the Black community is always overlooked. However, with the current state of the world, it’s about time that we accept the fact, that we too need help! It’s not about being the stronger race anymore. It’s about understanding that we can’t keep carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Neither should we. 

It’s time to accept the fact that we cannot change how others see us. Their ill-willed perceptions may never change. However, we can change the outcome for ourselves. How do you deal with all of the aftermath of not only a pandemic but also with more racism? It is time to finally talk about it. It is time to reach out and touch bases with a life coach like myself, or a psychotherapist, or a psychologist or psychiatrist or counselor. We need to talk about how we feel. NOW! It’s time to deal with what our world is giving us. It’s time to release some of the the toxicity of the world from our minds. 

Today I am encouraging you to reach out to someone to talk to.  To schedule with me hit the book now button to talk. Or if you need more help, please reach  out to a mental health professional. I encourage you to just talk about it. Let it go. 

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