Will Social Media Put A Strain On Children Social Development?

Some children will develop too slowly and some children will not develop enough social skills. Since the pandemic many families have become very engaged with social media. Tik Tok being one of the main platforms families engages in, aiming to become socials Media’s next hot topic. Children also are focused hard on learning the new dances or follow the latest trend or prank.

“2020 was the year Tik Tok exploded. Likely accelerated by the pandemic, Tik Tok seemed to be the one app everyone was talking about as they were stuck inside (Hutchinson, paragraph 1).”

Since the pandemic people have found alternatives to keep busy and be creative but when things return to normal will kids be able to interact without their mobile devices. In my humble opinion I think Social media can cause a strain on relationships. Normal interaction becomes nonexistent. Everyone seems interested on your online presence. When I meet new people they are only interested in my online accounts like Instagram or YouTube. When I converse with my younger siblings and cousins around the age of 9-15, they are getting with friends to create Tik Tok videos. Without a Tik Tok account it’s like they do not know how to have conversations. This can cause a negative effect in the future because as you get older, there has to be more to talk about. There is real life happening outside of social media. Social skills are very important for the real world. You have to know when something is safe and when something is not. And if you are blinded by what people post on social media than you can fall into a deep hole. People often post only good things on social media and not there baggage. Children need to be taught that social media is fun but it is not real life. Relationships should be built organically. There should be more creativity for the brain and that cannot develop if it is not used.

Having bad anxiety is becoming more popular in our generation.

“Meanwhile, for those born between 1978 and 1999, Western life has become a perpetual cycle of technology, sleep deprivation and spectacularly high expectations set by social media (Scott, Vogue paragraph 6)

Anxiety is the body’s natural reaction to stress. Being worried and having fear can cause anxiety. Social media can play a major part in anxiety because of the constant need for likes and views. Everyone craves likes, views and followers. If their post gets a lot of views and likes then they feel validated by an application. Someone should not need validation to feel like they did a good thing or if they are equipped to be someone’s friend. Children should be building confidence within themselves so when they get at a gathering with other children then they have the skill set to properly begin to build relationships. I have attended many children and teen parties and everyone is afraid to dance or interact unless they have their phones and applications on hand. This habit can make it hard for the next generation to know the true value of healthy relationships and friendships. Life is more than a follower and viral videos and our next generation should understand this.

1.       Should applications like Tik Tok address the fact that they are just an application and it is not the only way to interact with friends?

2.       Do you think social media apps play a major part in mental health, like anxiety and seeking validation?

3.       Can social media be just as effective without likes and views or do social media need likes and views to keep people engaged?

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