Will This New Year Be Different?

"Will This New Year Be Different?" is my blog post challenging you to take inventory on if you make goals you don't intend to make a reality. Because too often we say we want something different, yet our thoughts and actions don't align with what we say. ~A New Year’s resolution means nothing if you don’t identify where you are and take insightful action to determine what you need to do to know where you want to go.~ Coach Sam

First Happy New Year! It’s officially the first day of a new year. While we’re now in 2022, the truth is the only thing that has changed for certain is the year.

You see while many of us make new year’s resolutions, most of us don’t follow through on them. In fact, most people don’t make it half way through the year before they’ve fallen back into old patterns and negative behaviors that they swore they were through with. Though we may not want to think about it, we should. Because too often we say we’re going to do something and then we don’t and that pattern of behavior is keeping too many of us from taking what we envision to the reality that we live.

In order to actually take our life to the next level and keep our new year’s resolutions we must do three things to get intentional results:


Identify The Problem

While it seems like a no brainer, most of us make new year’s resolution and don’t even drill down what the issue is. And I’m sure you’ll all heard this one – I’m going to lose weight or get in shape this year… Now while it’s great to desire to get and keep our body in tip top shape is losing weight or exercising the problem? No, it’s not. I know some of you may yes, it is. However, if a person has poor eating habits, they could also exercise, but loose no weight due to their diet.

So, the desired goal may be better health, but the problem could very well be something else. Likewise, someone who says they’re going to exercise may start off strong, but feel as though they don’t have enough time to continue their resolution to exercise daily, when in fact the issue is not that they don’t have enough time, but that they aren’t managing their time wisely.


Initiate A Plan

Now many of us may not want or like planning, but planning is the key to know and map where you are. Even when you want to go somewhere in a car, if you give only the end destination, the GPS won’t be able to tell you the optimal route to take. That’s why what we do along the way matters as each decision we make takes us somewhere and leads us to our next destination whether we think about it or not. That’s also why it’s hard and often impossible to get where we want to go without a plan of action.

And much like traveling in a car, life requires us to have some sense of direction because if we don’t there’s no way we can get where we want to go or desire to be. So, as much as we may want a short cut or skip planning our willingness to take the time and effort to have a well thought out plan broken down into small actionable steps is necessary.


Immediate Action and Improve Consistently

Once you get through the planning stage, the application of what we said must come through with immediate action. Without action the plan we made will remain just that – a plan. And why go through the hassle of planning if we don’t intend to follow through. I understand that action may be a challenge especially when we come to a roadblock, setback, or unexpected situation, still it’s our daily actions that led us to where we currently find ourselves and it’s our future daily actions that will lead us to where we end up in the near and far future.

So, part of committing to acting includes doing so in a way that keeps us improving consistently. You see, it’s fine if we face situations or things that blindside us, and in fact we should expect it. As a plan is just that a blueprint of what we expect to ideally happen to guide us from point a to point b and beyond. It’s not set in stone. Translation, we must be willing to adjust and pivot our plan as and when necessary and this gives us the best chance to intentionally get results.

So, remember although the clock struck twelve and we lived to see the first day of 2022 what happens each day of this year and the years to come depends on us and on what we decide to do with our life, which again starts with us doing the internal work to see where we begin to create our new beginning to get different results.

~A New Year’s resolution means nothing if you don’t identify where you are and take insightful action to determine what you need to do to know where you want to go.~ Coach Sam


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