Will You Let Someone Else’s Presents Burden Your Present?

Today's blog post Will You Let Someone Else's Presents Burden Your Present? is actually a poem to encourage single Queens this Valentine's Day to recognize everything relationship is not as it seems and to empower them to know that they should and have the right to enjoy the moment of their present state and stage in life, even on this Monday, Valentine's Day. ~It is often our eyesight outward that distracts us from looking within to see that our present is a present worth celebrating and appreciating. ~Coach Sam

Love is in the air or at least that’s what many say

with Monday being Valentine Time’s Day.

Certainly, there will be flowers and candy,

Wining, and dining, professing and confessing

As well as boasting and posting

On this Monday, you see for,

It will be Valentine Time’s Day.


Oh, many will be happy and glowing

Or so it will seem because in their eyes

There will be a type beam or to you it will seem.

But I caution you my queen

To see beyond the screen

And not be distressing by the gloating

Because little do you know

Or could ever image behind the shadows

There are sorrows in the darkness and in stillness

And the quiet of the night.

Oh yes, indeed please know all of this is true

On this Monday, and know it is indeed still Valentine’s Day.



Why you say? Aye bay-baby all over the world

There is an expectation to appear content and present

A united front for all to see. Oh, it doesn’t matter that it’s not reality

For to live in fallacy is their realty.

I know I know hater you say.

Well, pause and think if all is as it seems

And what’s presented and posted,

Twitted and reeled is indeed all that it seems,

Then why, oh why, is the loving display

Reserved only on Monday, Valentine’s Day?


You see like it or not, love it or hate it,

On this Monday, it is indeed Valentine’s Day,

And I stopped by on my way into the gate

To encourage you to not work yourself up into such a state

That allows your scroll to turn you into a sour and sad troll

Depressed and stressed and feeling a whole terrible mess

Because you don’t have another to be your other

On Monday, for you see it is Valentine’s Day.


It is my prayer and my heart’s desire

That you can look in the mirror and know

You got that fire and can live with power empowered

In this and every hour for your creator my Savior

Said everything that I made I made good.

So, sis let’s get this understood.

Because in the back of your mind

You may be wondering and pondering

Will my King ever come through

And bring my ring

So I can sing and have that beam?

And I don’t know about you

But I heard it said that when you’re single

You’re free to mingle

And be free to just be and that includes

On Monday, you see, for it is indeed Valentine’s Day.


And this moment shall not come again

So why sit and cry when you can you get dressed to impress

And show out and move about

And without restriction or asking permission

To just be free to enjoy and embrace the blessing of this moment

Your present. Yes, it is a present

For it didn’t have to be, but here you are

On Monday, this day Valentine’s Day.


It is often our eyesight outward that distracts us from looking within to see that our present is a present worth celebrating and appreciating. ~Coach Sam


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