Will You Push Through the Dirt?

Currently, I am in the process of having my manuscript, Recognize Him: Is He Dating You for Commitment? formatted. And “Will You Push Through the Dirt?” encourages you to realize that each time you face a set back to have the mindset that there is something you learned; and to take what you've learned to complete the goal you set and then inspire and encourage someone else to do the same. ~When you think about dirt, you should think about the possibilities of new beginnings and continued growth. ~Coach Sam

If you saw a pile of dirt, you may not think too much about it. But if I asked you if you know you have dirt in your life you might be confused. You see metaphorically speaking we all have dirt. You know things that test us, people that seem to have never ending requests or needs, and situations that we wish we could either do over, or forget they ever happened.

And if you say, well not me. I’ll tell you that if you just keep living you will. It’s part of life. Dirt that is. You can’t go through life without having or getting dirty, especially if you’re going to grow and live life purposefully doing and being your best because one thing life will do is challenge you. And it’s through the challenges you face that you grow. For instance, currently I’m going through the process of writing my first book.

Now, as much as I like to read books, before I started the process of writing my book, I didn’t know all the difficulties that writers could and often do face. In my mind the only issue that I thought I should be concerned about is writers’ block. Little did I know that would be the least of my concerns. For me, my book, didn’t take long to write. In fact, I finished it in July 2020.

And I was over the moon, finally, my first book done. Time to celebrate, so I thought. What I didn’t expect is the process that it would take to find an editor, formatter, and cover designer. See writing for others and having them do these things, I had no idea that the process of getting a book, short story, or article to print could be so challenging.

Still, that’s what it has been – a challenge that at times made me question if I should continue, or leave it as an unpublished manuscript. New to the writing world, my journey showed me how many things can go wrong and how much there is to learn. And learned I have and I’m continuing to do so today. While finding a copy editor was relatively simple, the search for a formatter proved much more challenging.

Yes, I know there are several people who say they can do this and that, but much like any other area in life, people can say anything. So, it’s not about what they say, it’s about what they do. And my search for formatters who can properly format my manuscript according to my standards has showed me that all services are definitely not created equal, nor are there policies always clear.

You see now that I’m at the part of the process that I need outsourced to someone who has expertise, there’s a part of the process that I can’t control. Do I like it? No. Do I prefer it? No. But, I do except that as I progress through the process there are others who have skills that if I don’t want or don’t have the time to set aside to commit to perfecting to do what I need done then part of my responsibility is to ensure that I find someone who is able.

For me, a person who would rather do everything, so that I know for certain that it’s done the way I want and completed when I need, it’s been tough to go through the process of vetting formatters and allowing them to format my manuscript, only to get a manuscript that’s still not up to par.

In fact, I got so frustrated with the process, I started to look for a freelancer to do the cover. That’s right. I said, well, clearly, this is not working out. Let me move on to another phase of the project that I know I need. And you know what, once again, I learned a nugget of wisdom. I couldn’t have the cover done because I need to inform the book cover freelancer of the width of the spine.

You see, without that measurement correct the book cover freelancer would be giving his or her best guess. And anyone who knows me personally, knows I believe in maximizing your time. So, it’s pointless to pay the book cover freelancer when I’d have to go back once a format freelancer finally properly formats the manuscript.

From there I said, well, let me just put my book process to the side completely to pursue working on other areas of my business and creating additional streams of income. Still, something said you must complete what you started. Yes, it was a bad experience yet again, but every experience you’ve gone through, you did learn something.

And it is my ability to see that I’m not wasting time, but gaining life lessons that allows me to continue my journey. Today, I’ll take another step to contract another formatter I’ve vetted who has reviewed my manuscript, titled Recognize Him: Is He Dating You for Commitment? So, my call to action to you – don’t let your dream die, instead push through the dirt, grow along the way, and then inspire and empower someone else to do the same.

~When you think about dirt, you should think about the possibilities of new beginnings and continued growth. ~Coach Sam


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