Will you recognize love when it shows up in your life?

The key is learning to become love, how can you recognize a thing if you have never given it away or took time to become what you want from others. What I have realized over the years in my life is that love doesn’t just show up. It is something we must discover within ourselves. When we ultimately learn how to love ourselves, it defines how we will love others.

Remember love is an action word. Therefore one must ask the question how am I treating “Me”?

Do I speak to myself with encouraging words

Do I take time to find out what I enjoy

Do I pamper myself

Do I listen to what others think of me

Do I look within myself to find my uniqueness

Do I embrace the true me

What do I think of myself

See if you don’t know any of those things about yourself how can you expect someone else to do the work for you. Love starts with you.

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