Mothers – Will You Take a Day to Pause to Rest?

With Mother’s Day being tomorrow it seemed fitting for me to dedicate today’s post to the mothers around the world. Too often, as a mom, I see you going beyond for others to exceed expectations, but forget to do the same for yourself. "There is NOTHING that compares to her Love, there is NOTHING that measures to her Compassion, there is NOTHING that withstands her Resiliency, and there is NOTHING that outshines her Selflessness - she, this woman I speak of, she IS a mother." ~Coach Sam

As I’m sure you know Mother’s Day is near and most of us who are fortunate enough to still have our mothers on Earth are preparing to celebrate them. And for those whose mothers have passed, many will reminisce of past times had and even visit the place where they now rest. I know not all of us had a great relationship with our mothers and some of you reading my blog post may have never known your birth mother or had anyone to call mother at all.

Still, I pray that you find peace in knowing that your life still is valuable and that your upbringing is a part of your story, especially if you now have any children of your own. Children have a way of coming into a life and completely changing the plans and objectives of all they touch, especially the mother. It’s a job that many have written books about, coach about, speak about, and lived through and if you ask any mother, she’ll quickly tell you that there is nothing that can totally prepare you for the journey of motherhood.

You just must do the best that you can and know along the way you will not get everything right, but that’s part of the process that helps you to grow. As I look around, I see so many children who as adults give credit to their mother for a job well done. And as a mother – to have the responsibility to raise a child(ern) to be and do productive things, is quite a demanding challenge that forces you to be in many ways a balancer. You must find a way to love with a firmness that still allows you to correct and guide your child(ern) when they’re out of line.

And just when it seems you’re getting it down pack, here comes adolescence to test your patience many times over because your child(ern) is trying to tell you better. But the reality is your child(ern) doesn’t have the wisdom to understand that you have insight and knowledge in living life. You see potential pitfalls and horrible mistakes and you want to help at all cost. And even once your child(ern) enters young adult hood, which requires you to let go, so to speak, it’s difficult. Because they’re your baby.

I mean, you’ve spent countless nights and hours providing and stressing, endless days praying and multitasking, and doing everything in your power to be a protector from strangers, a referee in fights, a counselor to manage pain, a safe-haven from anyone or anything that could hurt or derail their future, and now you must evolve into a confidant, as they decide how they want to live their life.

And I get it. It’s a lot, in fact it’s more than a lot, it’s amazing and inspiring. Still, on this Mother’s Day, as amazing and inspiring as you are, I want you take a much-needed rest and not stress because you are a blessing who deserves the blessing of rest, and that’s that!

So, to my Feisty, Fierce, Fabulous, Focused Queens around the world, who proudly, boldly, confidently, and skillfully wear many hats, each and E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y have a wonderful, joyful, peaceful, and restful Mother’s Day!

Much Love,

Coach Sam

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