Woman You Are The Gatekeeper!

Women Speak Out


There is a severe Retardation going on with people in reference to the matter of sex & gender. Sex being the biological state of a person ( male, female ) gender being the societal structures that make up the “norm” of such sex. Plenty times as women we encounter a “Me Too” mentality by men in our life. It comes in many forms. As if the appraisal of myself as a woman, somehow undermines¬†him. We know the amount of women who actually experience this varies, especially if they are still struggling to find themselves & their identity as a woman. Yin & Yang representing the balance of Life. Yin being passive, Yang being assertive. There are women who remain in their “Yin” or passive state at all times. This woman may be very calm, docile; feminine in a conservative way. When she is solely operating from Yin, she does not trust herself enough to take action when need be. She is the woman that gets played on, used, victimized from her extreme passivity. Then there is the woman who has tapped into her “Yang” realm. She is assertive, she is feisty, she is independent. She’s also looked at as a brute bitch, when she has yet to balance her receptivity with her extroversion. This is the woman that causes chaos, with no clue as to how she has created this chaos. Problems always seem to follow her, & her extreme extroversion prevents her from seeing how her external is a mere reflection of her internal. See there is a lot that can go wrong when a woman is not balanced. She is the epitome of life, law & all creation. When she is inhibited her freedoms, neglected with bad guidance she becomes a master of destruction from her blatant ignorance as to who she is and what she is capable of.






Overstand This


Women are like Orbs, Wholes- Worlds that you can tap into & experience when you delve deep. The presence of a woman alone can begin to activate a Mans kundalini, starting from the root of his chakras all the way up to the crown. This is also why many men who are lesser experienced or privy to the power a woman possesses usually cannot control his actions around one. He ends up doing things with her he may have never intended, like sleeping with her or spending his kids college savings on something she wanted. She is a walking vortex, beware of the women who are not aware of this. They tend to have very chaotic lives, never taking precaution to assess their thoughts, mannerisms or emotions. This is also a very important reason why women should entertain, plus give attention to– the things that feed them & allow them to grow prosperously. When women indulge their orb in negative thinking, allowing negative people into their lives– these experiences of low frequencies begin to multiply & make up their orb, their whole, their world.






The Balanced WombMan


That has fully attuned herself to these feminine and masculine polarities, she begins to vibrate a certain power of assurance in who she is. Not only to herself plus immediate surroundings, but the world at large. This is the woman that knows how to fight. Higher than a physical level, because physical fights are the lowest vibration of dueling. She can fight spiritually, mentally, emotionallyРwinning almost every time. She knows how to safegaurd, while creating her space. So once she has or even if she is just beginning to tap into these energies she will notice that the dealings she now has with Men become comepletely different then what was experienced before. It is like opening up a vortex, bringing yourself into a different dimension when a woman knows her power, along with knowing how to carry herself. There is a fear, a deep seated fear in the hearts of many men & women alike in relation to the potential of this woman. For Men , the fear is a perceived as a loss of power or patriarchal perception of masculinity when they come across a woman of such stature. They may begin to feel intimidated, extremely insecure when they begin to see themselves as a competitor in relation to this woman instead of an ally. For women, their fear lies in potentially losing their Man.



There are Two Things within the Patriarchal Society the Man & Woman Hate to Hear

For the Man, It is anything empowering the¬†“Woman”. For The Woman, it is¬†“Kill God”. God being associated with the figure and personification of a¬†male¬†for the past dynasty in religious terms hence leading a Womans spirituality being guided not by her own greatness, but by that of a mans. This is very important that we see these mishaps, let them be addressed so that we can acknowledge truths. Not facts or opinions, because both can be debated by theory & degrees. Understood in depth by our cells.






When the Man forgets the womb from which he came they then fall victim to the femininity of emotions. Between the man, woman & child, how does abuse suffice within the threshold of the family? Check out a great Netflix Documentary Called, “The Mask You Live In”. This film makes an excellent break down as to how The demise of the feminine has led to the demise of the masculine. Boys are being raised to be ashamed of all that is feminine within them, by their parents & their worlds outside the home especially. Raising him never to cry, & if he does cry do not baby him. However when our daughters cry we come to comfort them, usually giving them affection without allowing them to overcome their pains through their own critical thinking & extroversion. We raise our boys giving them surmount freedoms, allowing them to do things plus go places without much restriction or discipline in how they behave. Our excuse; That they are boys, and boys will be boys. Meanwhile, our daughters not only are raised with being shown “How to behave” as a lady, girls are tremendously confined to rules, guidelines along with restrictions. The best way to impede on a child’s psycho social development is by doing these two things. Giving boys too much freedom, without enough discipline; while giving girls too much discipline with little to no freedom.







When we picture an Abusive Man, do we picture a man that is extremely logical; calculating & acting on situations with reason? No. This man is usually seen as overtly emotional, expressing his feelings in volatile manners that cause others around him emotional, mental even physical turmoil. When we picture an abusive woman, do we think of her as extremely feminine handling her life with poise, assertion & grace? NO. We usually picture the abusive woman, more like the Wicked Witch of the West. The Evil, cold & calculating woman with little to no emotions (so it seems). So I ask, how is it in terms of abuse these gender roles are switched? The answer is because the masculine (assertive, yang) plus feminine (passive, yin) is being neglected in each sex, hence the imbalance in a healthy emotionally balanced adult in family structures today.






We all yearn for empowerment, a greater sense of self. With great power comes also GREAT Responsibility. So with anyone seeking to overcome injustices imposed upon them by whatever external force we may perceive, to gain the power you seek taking responsibility is the first step. To be responsible you have to see yourself as apart of a whole, with everything that you think, do, say and feel playing a role into your reality. When we hold onto pain, bad habits, addictions, running from our truths we inhibit ourselves from rising to that place of balance‚ÄĒ true beauty‚ÄĒ true justice. Continuing to face the same obstacles because there is a lesson we are refusing to learn. In the case of Yin & Yang, the lesson must be learned that these two forces are not the same, nor are they equal in the same ways. Women today are fighting to be seen as ‚Äúequal‚ÄĚ to a man. They are fighting to get rid of the stigma of being a nurturer, trying to prove that they are just as good, if not better than a man at doing things outside of this stigma. The funny part is, most people already know this about women.. that we are great at anything we choose to create. So in reality, whom are we really trying to prove these things to? Let this be something that we know, without having to prove or show anyone anything. When we have to prove something, it is really ourselves that aren‚Äôt completely sure. A deep seated insecurity in the power women have. All negative emotions stem from fear, so when something gets you upset ask yourself, what are you afraid of? All fears are illusory, so ask yourself‚ÄĒ is this feeling necessary? To the things that serve us not, a wise woman will say nothing. To the things that build us up, a Great Woman will Speak Out; without fear, without spite, only love.

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