Work, Don’t Watch

It’s easy to get in the habit of watching what other people are doing and comparing your life to theirs. We get caught up in looking at someone else’s highlight reel without taking the time to work on the gifts that we are equipped with. The time wasted watching could be filled with investing in your goals and dreams.

The distractions that come with being obsessed with comparing yourself to others is unhealthy, unproductive, and keeps you from growing. Many people get into the habit of putting off what they need to do because they are insecure in their talents and would rather copy what everyone is doing. Their procrastination is like a security blanket that keeps them from stepping up and working on their goals and aspirations.

It can be intimidating when you see the next person accomplishing so much and taking their lives to higher levels. You see them and think that what they’ve gotten done did not take hard work and dedication so you feel as if you can do the same thing. You then make up in your mind that being successful comes easy and that there is no need to plan and then put those plans into action. This way of thinking is counterproductive and detrimental. You must turn from this if your life is being ruled by watching instead of working. It won’t be easy but it’s truly worth it if you’d like your life to manifest into what you’ve dreamed of. 

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