Worry not, YOU are a Warrior

You are STRONG, You are POWERFUL, You can OVERCOME anything!

During this time of worry and fear, I want to encourage you all to find your inner warrior. We all have one, all the power resides in you. I am here to teach you how through an exercise called Mantra Building. A mantra is a phrase used as a tool for the mind you can use to reach a high level of consciousness. This strengthens your mental and spiritual awareness. 

As the world is in a state of crisis, it is easy to block blessings that are waiting for us due to fear or anxieties standing in the way. Worry not, YOU are a Warrior. Worry replaced with a positive affirmation is the key formula to an effective mantra. It is important that you are intentional about your chosen replacement sentence to erase your negative thoughts.

Here’s How:

  1. Identify your worry: “I am broke and cannot pay my bills.”
  2. Create a mantra that intentionally states what you want in your life: “I attract opportunity and abundance.”
  3. Add the phrase: I am worthy of all the blessings coming my way.
  4. Be faithful and intentional to your mantra- state it to yourself  and practice daily and you will see results!

Mantras do not usually shift a drastic change overnight, mantras seep into your mind and heart to shift your focus and intent. We must take care of our mind just like we do our body and feed it positive things. I am a living testament to this formula.

It works! Ask, believe, and you shall receive all the blessings coming your way!

Sending love & light, 


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