Write On Your Blog Daily To Get More Clients!

Writing blogs will get you more clients!

Do you want more clients? 

Are you interested in offering free consults? As we continue to enhance MyMentor we hope to add a feature for you to offer free consults if you’d like, but until then, one way to get around that is to post on your blog. 

What’s on your heart? The topics on your heart are most likely the same topics you’ll be coaching on. Potential clients want to know how you think and feel about important topics in your coaching field. By having several blogs on your profile, your future clients can get an understanding of your style, delivery, and a piece of your wisdom. 

The more a potential client can read from you, the more comfortable he or she will feel with booking you. Many coaches are being booked without any blog posts, but we believe that will only increase if you have posts on your page. Set a daily routine if you can to come in at a certain time and write a blog about what’s on your heart. 

What if you’re not a writer? If you’re not a writer, you can record it as a voice memo and have someone transcribe it for you on You could also pay a friend or family member to write them for you.

Make sure you proofread your blogs! Read it three times before hitting “publish.” We all make mistakes! You’ll see mistakes in some of our posts because we are human like you. The more mistakes you have, the less-likely you are to be hired by a client. The better your blogs are, the more clients you’ll receive. If you don’t feel like a writer, and you can’t afford any help just yet, hold off, it’s not the end of the world! Try other things like enhancing your profile picture to a professional picture and making sure your bio is written professionally. 

Where to get a featured picture? To make it easy, you can find one picture on and make that the picture you use every blog post. Another option is taking scenic pictures with your phone when you’re out and about, and use those as your featured image on your posts. Be creative. We don’t recommend googling images because they may be copyrighted material. 

Happy Blogging!!