Yes I am a LPN and I am a nurse!

Ive been a traveling Nurse (LPN) for years! And told by supervisors ( RN’s )that are hell bound saying LPN’s don’t work hospitals and ER’s and are supervisors and Charge Nurses, and that we are not compensated as well as RN’s! Well I tell ya what I trained several RN’s before “Magnet Status” and trust me my resume and pay stubs do NOT lie! Before people make assumptions please be aware that a lot of US LPN’s have taught RN’s how to start lines and time manage and do assessments! Yes I said assessments. Because I don’t care what a scope of practice permits .....knowledge and emergency situations rely on the nurses that know and are trained. And in reality RN’s in certain settings just sign off on our work! Please do not down play the important rolls of an LPN. We are NOT med techs we are competent experienced nurses. You can all argue the logistics but reality is reality. I love all my nurses ❤️❤️❤️#BostoniantoPhiladelphiabound. ❤️ Written by Aisha Evans in 2018.

I copied a post from a Facebook group from Aisha Evans Lpn who posted how she felt  being treated like she’s a Med Tech. Med techs do not have a license, nor do they get the education or training that we do as nurses! Some Lpns get so much experience that it can add volumes to her knowledge as a nurse Let’s learn to work together and keep the nursing environment welcoming to new grads. I am a nurse; I am a Licensed Practical Nurse!💯💜❤️

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