YES! You Can!



Hi Guys,

Do you ever sit and just feel defeated?  Like the whole world is not “for you” or “with you”.  Like everything you have tried is just not working.  Like all the effort that you are putting forth is not even recognized by the Universe.  Just mentally exhausted from it all. I know what you mean!  I been there trying to decide if it is all worth it to even keep going.  Is it even worth it to put anymore effort than you have already?  Why bother is what you recite to yourself over and over again… but the kicker is, deep down inside you would be more sick to your stomach if you really did give up. 

I been there! I have absolutely been there and hated to even give into those feelings. I started thinking that I know I can turn this around.  So I decided to saying YES I CAN to myself over and over:

Yes I can prove my nay sayers wrong!

Yes this can work!

Yes I will see my dreams fulfilled!

Yes I can push through it all!

Yes I can be a success!

You can do all the wonderful positive and inspiring things your heart desires.

You are allowed to be a little discouraged or down, even mentally exhausted and can take a bit of a break. However, you are not allowed to give up! You are not allowed to give in to the power you stop.  You have people waiting on you! You have to show up and show out! Are you going to let them win? Or are you going to show up for your self and prove “them” wrong? YES YOU CAN! Prove every last one of them wrong.  Know someone in the world believes in you (meeeeee) and when “man” fails us the Universe/God got your back! Indeed.


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