Yes You Can!

6 Irrational Belief Patterns Holding You Back From Leadership

There are typically 6 irrational beliefs that cause internal conflict and stunt your growth:

1. Undeserving – You don’t believe you deserve to be successful. You haven’t forgiven yourself for something you did in the past.

2. Ordinary – You minimize your greatness, dim your light and play small to fit in because you don’t want to become a target.

3. Social change – You don’t want to be labeled as a “sell out” by your peers and have a fear of rejection and loneliness.

4. Fleeting – You fear you won’t be able to sustain your success so you tell yourself “It won’t last.”

5. Perfectionism – You are imprisoned by your imperfections and have a fear of the real you being seen. You are afraid of making mistakes.

6. Besigement – You believe family and friends will want things from you the more successful you become.

All of those irrational beliefs can make you a chronic underachiever, however, you can change that!

As a leader, if you have a need to be understood, sadly you will only go but so far.

God gave YOU the vision for a reason.

As a leader, you have to be able to disagree, but not dislike the person you’re disagreeing with. There is a difference! God uses relationships to prune us. We need them; they need us.

Temporary discomfort beats long term dysfunction any day. As a leader, you have to become comfortable with controversy and having hard conversations. BREATHE, you can handle it. You can do it. You will get through it.

Be committed to excellence. Set the tone. Set the standard. Commitment, character and consistency are vital for effective leadership.

You are capable of what you believe you’re capable of. Believe in yourself! – Kaylani Williams

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