It takes a very self-intuned person to make a regular habit of looking back on those things they have accomplished.  When was the last time you wrote out a list of what you have achieved so far in life, especially those things considered against the odds?

Usually, We are looking for those conventional outward signs of success — a mega-size house, a loving partner, picture-perfect kids, the diplomas and matching degrees, work titles.  Even without this list, you have achieved incredible things.  Focus on the fact that while other people’s accomplishments might be obvious to the eye and external, yours may be internal.

Think about other times when you have made it through.  Re-live the moments and celebrate your progress. Go ahead, write down a time when you nailed a super-difficult challenged, and conquered it.  How did you feel before, during, and after the moment of victory?  I am of the belief that when we learn to honor the good times it fuels us to get through the challenges.   Next time you are challenged, think about a time and remember when you survived something even bigger, and rest in knowing that you got this too! 


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