You are a Diamond! Rise and Shine!

You are a Diamond! Rise and Shine!

You are precious and valuable just like a diamond.

You may find yourself in the rough but you will come out with clarity.

Don’t let what you’ve been through stop your forward-motion.

I was 41 when I left my husband. I took years of his disrespect, endure a child outside of the marriage, and I felt so alone for years.

I had no money, no help, and I had a young child. But God spoke to me and He said I will be your everything. Your husband, your friend, your advisor, your strength and your guide. When are you going to trust me and quit allowing these issues to bury your shine deeper and deeper into depression and despair. Rise up from the dirt, put one feet in front of the other, run and don’t look back.

The first 2 years was the hardest years of my life. I borrowed the money for my security deposit to move, I worked from 5am – 11pm at night (working 2 jobs and going to school), and I felt all alone.

But God told me to Rise and to Shine. That’s what he’s telling you Rise from your past, Rise from whatever is dulling your shine. It’s your time to Shine!

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