You are literally in control

Lack of confidence had me seeking closure from people and situations that never even gave me reassurance

Let’s take a moment and talk about confidence. When you are confident you‘re able to stand firm in your capabilities. When you’re confident, you’re able to walk boldly into new beginnings. When you’re confident situations may be unfair, but you know there is always a bigger plan than the current circumstance. Confidence brings joy and to some a sense of security because you’ve come to a place you know what you know, you live in your truth, you aren’t wavering, you’re able to discern what is for you and what isn’t, and the list goes on. However, lack of confidence is an ugly thief of joy. Lack of confidence will have you doubting if you’re good enough for that new job. As if you haven’t already put in years with another company and gone to school for that same type of position. Lack of confidence will have you thinking someone is too good to date you, and you haven’t even talked to them yet. Have you ever seen guys that seem to careless about relationships get all the girls? But somehow, the men ready to love can’t seem to get a second glance? I’ve noticed often times the difference is confidence; and having the ability to know you are deserving of what you want. Lack of confidence will have you seeking closure from people and situations that never even gave you reassurance. I know that may be difficult for some people to grasp or even accept but it’s true. One thing I have also learned is, while dealing with bad relationships; my confidence suffered way before my heart was broken. It’s amazing how you can give someone the benefit of the doubt, and they turn around and make you question YOURSELF. Their actions could hit like a ton of bricks with red flags everywhere. But when there is a lack of confidence there is the thought of “well things aren’t that bad. I mean they still call or show up from time to time so I must be important.” In situations like that we often lack confidence in being able to call out poor behavior in fear of backlash or the other person leaving. When someone isn’t treating you right, you should be able to see it for what it is and at least be able to talk about it. From there the other person will acknowledge their behavior or continue to push their limits with you. You have to be confident enough to stand firm in knowing what you will and won’t accept. You also have to be confident in knowing that, if you have to separate yourself from them what you deserve is still attainable. So…… do you build confidence. Well, I’m glad you asked! Confidence starts with you and what you know about yourself. Did you know how amazing you are inside and out? Did you know that when you overcame that difficult time it gave you the knowledge and wisdom to make better choices and want better for yourself? Here’s a good one, did you know you are allowed to say no without feeling bad about it? Did you know women (or men) constantly commenting on your significant other’s posts doesn’t have to shake you? (if it does that’s another blog for another day lol). Confidence starts with you. You are allowed to be bold. You are allowed to have everything your heart desires. Especially if you’ve done the work. Don’t let lack of confidence rob you of another opportunity. Don’t let lack of confidence make you second guess yourself. You are unique and you are special. OWN IT! -Lori G. Clark

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