You Are More Than Enough

If there is anything that we struggle with as girls, it is the endless need and desire to be enough for the world. We wear outfits and do our hair in hopes that we will be pretty enough. We carry ourselves and present ourselves in a way that makes us look smart enough for the job we want. And we do evevything in our power to please the people around us–even if it is toxic because we just hope that we would be seen as good enough for them and feel wanted. But we will always fall short. Because no matter how hard we try, there will always be another girl out there who is prettier, smarter and all around more enough than you. But we weren’t created to simply be enough for this world. In fact, we weren’t ever created for this world. We were created to laugh and smile with joy as we walk through life together with the Lord and to praise Him for his love and perfection. We were created to praise God who knows your darkest flaws, your hidden secrets, your less than perfect looks, your bad grades, your awkward habits and says, “you’re fully seen and fully loved by me”!

So fix your crown Queens because you are so much more than you know!

Peace and blessings!!!

Coach Whitney

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