You are NOT A Victim!

I hope this blog finds you well, safe and WOKE! I will get right to the meat of this topic. The victim mentality not only cripples your mind but it fosters hopelessness and lack all across the board. What happened to you as a child, 20 years ago or just last week doesn’t have to dictate your future. Your mind, what you visualize everyday, what you speak over yourself daily is what will create power and the strength you need to actively head in a new direction. You can break the cycle of being broke. You can be the 1st person to graduate in your family ( I was). You can break the cycle of single parenting and marry your husband/wife then have kids. You can break the cycle of going along to get along and actually pursue your passion and live with purpose. However, you won’t be able to do any of God’s greatness as long you feed negativity and sulk in your bad experiences. Learn how to master the hand you have been dealt and use what talents you do have to create the life that you want. No more dwelling, that’s over. Pick your head up, create a plan, execute it and transition into the Victor that you are!

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