You Are NOT Behind in Life (Pep Talk)

*Deep Breath*

…You are NOT behind in life!!! 

I keep seeing people posting things about not being where they need to be in life. I’m tired of the society factory telling people that they are “behind” or “not enough” or you have great potential but something is just missing in you. 

Social media makes it so easy for us to compare ourselves to other people. Especially because it’s so instant and it makes it seem like so many people got successful overnight. A lot of people don’t even post their journey. They will just post the end piece that they are proud of. Social media is only a highlight reel. It is NOT real life. 

I know many women who have kids early in their life and they can get secretly jealous of other women who didn’t have kids. They will easily see other women online without kids having a glamorous career and beautiful travel photos and assume they are doing so much better than them. 

Comparison is the thief of joy!


I have met ladies on the complete opposite side of the spectrum who have a ton of money and nice stuff but they are terribly sad because they come home to nobody. 

It is a complete illusion that anybody is doing better than you.

You cannot be behind because nobody is in front of you. Imagine driving on an empty road… Nobody is in front of you because you are driving in your own lane! Likewise the best thing to do is focus on your own life and the unique qualities it has. 

Do not let the internet rush you. You do not need to be insanely productive to catch up to “everyone else”

Do not compare someone’s page 20 to your page 2!!! 

If you do find yourself guilty of comparing yourself to others then it is probably a sign that you don’t feel fulfilled with your own life. And that is okay!!!

Here’s some advice for you! 

A great way to stop comparing yourself is by using a NEW way to measure your progress in life. 

On your next day off or just schedule an hour of me time, I would like you to grab your favorite drink 🍷 a paper and a pen 🖊 and I want you to write on the top of the paper 

“Do I feel fulfilled with my life? Why or why not?” 
“How can I focus on my own personal growth?”

and “What is the next step I need to take in my life and how would that look like?” 

I want you to really BRAINSTORM and be as HONEST as you possible can. Write everything that comes to mind with an honest heart. This will be the beginning of beautiful and powerful positive change in your life. 

Be completely honest with yourself because you cannot move forward with your life if you don’t fully accept where you are right now.

On your journey to a more fulfilling life I want you to speak beautiful words to yourself.

Remember that the words you speak to yourself become the house you live in 😉 

I want you to say: 

I am Beautiful RIGHT NOW.

I am VALUABLE right now.

I am SPECIAL and I have the power to change my life to my ideal life if I want to right now. 

because guess what? 
You ARE BEAUTIFUL with or without the extra pounds. 
You are VALUABLE with 0 cents or six figures.

You ARE SPECIAL and no one in this world can take your place.

You are NOT Behind in Life 

NO one is in front of you nor above you. 

You are simply on your own unique path ❤️


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